If you are interested in astrology I hope that the links below to these sites will take you somewhere interesting/useful/beneficial.

There must be thousands of astrology and horoscope (they are not the same thing, necessarily!) sites online.  These are just a few that I have picked out from my own experience.  They are not in any particular order:  

A site with lots of information and plenty of links is Astro.com

“Each of the 12 astrological signs belongs to a certain element in one of its states. This gives us twelve quite different basic types. These varying qualities provide the “backdrop” to the planetary positions. As each horoscope has different planets in different signs, there can never be a “pure” Aries or a “pure” Gemini. Each horoscope is a highly individual, very complex and usually also very varied combination of parts. In order to understand the signs, we must take into account the typical expressions of the elements, as well as the characteristics belonging to the planets associated with the signs. “

Jonathan (and now Oscar) Cainer is a UK astrologer.

UK based astrologers include Neil Spencer and Oxford Astrologer

Susan Miller runs “Astrologyzone.com” in the USA

Patrick Arundell has astrology and more.

Marjorie Orr’s forecasts  can be found here.

Jessica Adams  also has free daily, weekly and monthly forecasts.

Sally Kirkman is a British astrologer whose site also offers free forecasts- daily, weekly and monthly.

Ralfee Finn usually has something interesting to say, as well as sun-sign weekly ‘scopes.

Like Ralfee Finn, Ed Tamplin does a political commentary as well as weekly and monthly horoscopes.

“A journalist for most of his life, Dennis Elwell has explored any byway that might throw light on astrology, leading to a study of science on the one hand, and occultists like Rudolf Steiner and Gurdjieff on the other. Teaching himself the basics as a teenager, he became a regular contributor to American Astrology; a platform for the leading astrologers of the day. The association continued for twenty years. He began lecturing to astrologers in 1963 and has subsequently gained an illustrious reputation as an original thinker and stimulating speaker. ”

Here is an article called “Astrology is a Foreign Language”, by Elwell….no horoscopes here, though.

Something slightly different is Lynda Hill’s Sabian Symbols– astrology based but described here as an “on-line oracle”.

“The Sabian Symbols were given birth in San Diego, California, in 1925 by Marc Edmund Jones, a noted American astrologer and spiritualist and the gifted clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler. Jones was interested to find a set of word images to go with every degree of the zodiac. Elsie Wheeler was an extraordinary clairvoyant confined to a wheelchair for most of her life. Jones chose Elsie Wheeler as his partner in this ‘experiment’ (as M.E. Jones called it) as she had a remarkable ability to “see” messages, images and symbols.”

As far as I know, Elsie Wheeler is no relation to me- even though it was my father’s mother’s name.