Where to begin with such a huge- and sometimes controversial subject?

A quote from The Healing Trust” website:

“The word Spiritual originates from the Latin ‘spiritus’ meaning ‘breath of life’. Healing can be defined as regaining balance of mind, body and/or emotions.”

It may be helpful to consider where you think you are- and why– on the psychological continuum that is the “locus of control”.  Do you favour the end of the continuum line that is extreme “External Locus of Control” (everything that happens is down to someone/something else) or the end of the continuum that is the “Internal Locus of Control” (everything that happens to you is controlled by you and your personal responsibility).  This is putting it all rather simplistically, I admit.  However, thinking about this is important.  How much in your life do you determine- how much is determined by others?

This is not the time nor place to get into philosophical debates about Free Will, the meaning of Life, what is “meant to be” (or not “meant to be”), Fate, Destiny, karma etc.  However, I contend that a healthy life requires a balanced view about locus of control, i.e. it is appropriate for most of us to be somewhere around the middle of the continuum- probably moving towards one end and then back to the middle, then to the other end….but not to venture too far along towards the extremes.

Then there’s Love and love to consider.  Rather than write an essay of the subject, I’ll just say that it is important to recognise the difference between personal/ego love- even if it’s what we may think of as “unconditional”, and Universal Love…perhaps epitomised by the phrase “God is Love.”

Healers use Universal Love to help them with healing.  Anyone can do it.  Anyone can be a healer.  But training and understanding are important.  If a healer uses their own love energy they will not be effective and they will deplete their own well-being; but if a healer can tap into Universal Love and work with the Universe, a genuine balanced partnership, then healing can happen.  

It is important to note that healing may not result in a “cure”.  Healing may be offering peace, acceptance, taking away fear- the healer must have belief in the partnership and that the locus of control is not solely internal to them.

Some more websites:

The Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary– They offer on-site but also distant healing; they run courses too.  As they are a charity they ask for donations.  It is a remarkable place and the people there do wonderful work.

Described as a “Twentieth Century Psychic and Medical Clairvoyant”,  Edgar Cayce is worth knowing about.

Calling themselves, “The Worlds Foremost College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences” based in Essex in the UK, the Arthur Findlay College offers many courses in “things spiritual” as well as healing.

The Spiritualist National Union also may have healing circles you can join and offer more local training.  As do other spiritualist churches and organisations.

The Findhorn Foundation in Moray, N.E. Scotland, offer many different sorts of courses.  It is well worth a visit- even just to walk around the community.  And the nearby village has a lovely seaside beach!

Although technically not a healer, the American psychic medium John Edward offers much to those interested in after-death proof of life.  And his readings can heal.

Rudolf Steiner’s Archive is the final site in this section.  Steiner was a phenomenon.  His legacy is probably best known through Waldorf Education- or Steiner schools.  His breadth and depth of knowledge and research is astounding.  I must admit he is not always easy to follow- possibly due in part to the fact that his work is translations from the original German.  Nevertheless, reading his articles, lectures and/or books can be an enlightening and thought-provoking experience.  And he produced plenty during his lifetime!